Internet dating wifes

I once dated a guy who was ,000K in credit card debt.

It made me never want to combine our finances, which made me wonder whether I would want to combine other things as well.

Even if your spouse doesn’t put your name on it, this almost always counts as a fresh debt (I can’t think of a situation where it wouldn’t).

I paid more than half of it off by working 2 jobs and then with K to go, my husband got a side job painting someone’s house for K to pay the rest off.

Then he saw I was serious about paying it off so he helped me get rid of it.

Our finances have changed so much since we got married.

I’ll follow up with a post on the subject if student loans are different on this.

Scenario #2: You’ve been married for a few years (or a few months or 20 years) and you suddenly discover that after the marriage your spouse took out two mortgages on properties s/he wanted to invest in.

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